Get Your Quality Cobblelock Driveway in Dublin

The benefits of a cobblelock paving

Cobblelock goes by many names: block or brick pavers, block or brick paving, or just cobbles for short. If you want something visually appealing and well-structured for your driveway, so that the investment is worth your while and makes this latest addition to your home the envy of the neighborhood, look no further.

So what are the key arguments in favor of cobblelock paving?

  • Versatility: aside from driveways, it can also be seen commonly as a material used in car parks, paths and patios.
  • Affordability combined with a pleasing aesthetic make cobblelock an ever-popular choice.
  • Cobblelock comes in a massive range of sizes, styles and colours. There are your standard rectangle designs bricks but also multi-size designs to choose from as well. The most common sizes are 100mm x 200mm and 150mm x 170mm blocks.
  • There is a sizable range of colors available to suit all tastes including black, different shades of grey, reds, browns etc
  • If that wasn’t enough choice, then you can also opt for a different finish on the brick’s surface. You can stay with the standard finish or guy for a slightly more expensive granite finish. This is available in both silver and grey colours. The main advantage of this, besides the beautiful aesthetic, is that the color of the granite finish is more durable.

We’ll install your personalized cobblelock driveway in Dublin

An expertly designed and professionally installed cobblelock can help transform your patio, garden or driveway into something truly unique and truly yours. This material can be surprisingly affordable although the total cost depends on the complexity of design you may want. The total installation cost ranges between 55-75 per square metre, and an additional 10 per square metre if you opt for the granite finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cobblelock?

You’ll read about cobblelock a lot as you view our website, but what exactly is it?

Cobblelock paving makes use of brick, concrete or natural stone or combinations of all of them. The variety of block sizes, styles, colours and designs is virtually endless and you can really put your own stamp on this and create something truly unique to your tastes and budget.

Another reason to consider cobblelock paving for your driveway, patio or garden, is its design potential. Cobblelock bricks or blocks, much like setts, can be arranged in an attractive design of varying complexity. The only limit when using cobblelock paving is your imagination! You can utilise many different designs or shapes such as circles and diamonds to add a uniqueness to your driveway or patio. You may also make use of semi circles, double or single steps and square paved steps.

If you wish, we would be more than happy to call out to your home and show you our portfolio of different designs. It can help inspire you and cement in your mind exactly what design you want for your driveway or patio.

How long does cobblelock paving last?

Our block paving supplier of choice is Kilsaran. They are an extremely high quality producer of materials for the paving industry and provide excellent guarantees on their products. Nothing says high quality and durability like a 25-year year guarantee.

How do you install cobblelock?

This is our step-by-step installation process:

  • to prepare, we dig out the ground to the necessary depth. If there is a requirement for drainage, we will install that right at the start.
  • The first layer is an 804 hardcore layer, which we compact using a plate compactor.
  • Then we add a layer of sand.
  • On top of this goes your chosen design of blocks. The simplest method is to lay the full blocks first and then lay the blocks that needed to be cut to size. The narrow joints are filled with silica sand. This will keep the paving blocks stable and most importantly prevent any weeds from appearing afterwards.
  • The final step is to use the compactor one last time to make sure the final finish is level and that the blocks are firmly in place.

How do you clean a cobblelock driveway?

When it comes to the cleaning, care and maintenance of your cobblelock driveway, the most important thing is to do it in a timely manner and on a regular basis, as neglect will only make the work more difficult and more complicated. Here is the most effective method to clean a cobblelock driveway:

  • Clear the area,
  • Remove weed, moss and other vegetation,
  • Apply a specialized cobblestone stain cleaner,
  • Rinse the area thoroughly.

How do you kill the weeds in cobblelock?

Weed can be more detrimental to your cobblelock paving than you may think, not just in terms of aesthetic. It can be your number one enemy if you want your paving to remain stable and durable.

In order to prevent weed growth in your cobblelock driveway and stop things from getting out of hand, we will take preventative action by filling the joints between the cobblelock blocks with silica sand.

If you notice any weeds between the blocks, you should take the following steps:

  • remove any moss and weeds between the bricks using gardening gloves and a wire brush,
  • apply a weed killer to eradicate the weed and prevent its further growth.

Where in Dublin do I get a cobblelock driveway?

Here at Master Driveway Paving Dublin, we know that your driveway is an investment that you are not going to make lightly. That is why we want to make sure you are presented with a wide array of options so you can pick one that best suits your style and preferences. From the beautifully crafted cobblelock driveways combined with paving slabs for the garden and patio, to the highly durable basalt driveway that can withstand any type of weather and the traditional cobblestone driveways, reminiscent of some of the oldest streets of Dublin such as Temple Bar. Call today and let us know how we can be of service and make your outdoor area feel more like home!