Premium Natural Stone Driveways & Patios in Dublin

Explore the advantages of natural stone driveways

Natural stone is very sought after, and our Dublin customers often ask for this type of driveway,  although it is a little more expensive than the other materials available. It is often used for garden and patio paving.

The greatest benefits of natural stone paving slabs are that they are easy to install, create a unique custom look, and add greater value to your property. Another cause for the surge in popularity of natural stone is because not only can you create very unique designs, but each individual stone itself is unique in colour and texture. This is, of course, because this stone is formed naturally and not created in a factory.

What are the available options?

The four natural stone options are quartz, limestone, sandstone, and granite. Each offers a slightly different style and some come in various colours. However, all of them are hard-wearing, low maintenance, and won’t sink or move over time. This is due to the method we use to install them. They are placed on top of a mixture of wet sand and cement. Then, in order to keep them stable and prevent any weeds from growing in between, the gaps are filled with mortar.

Revamp your Dublin property with natural stone paving slabs

If you want to uplift your property by introducing natural patio slabs to its design, or you plan on building a natural stone driveway, reach out to us. Master Driveway Paving Dublin is one of the leading paving contractors in Dublin and the area, and we will do our best to provide you with customised solutions that will meet your needs.

How we do it

Natural stone paving installation begins with rigorous checks of the state of the current ground levels and most importantly their drainage. If there is a need for added drainage, this is the time we will install it. Of course, this will be discussed with you when we have our initial consultation, so you will be well aware in advance if this is required.

The next step is very important for the longevity of your paving. We will dig the ground to the correct depth. This will depend on the current surface (is it peaty or soft soil) and what type of traffic it is expected to receive. The initial layers of stone are all compacted thoroughly to create a secure base that won’t sink in the future.

Now it’s time to install your natural stone. Each slab is placed on a wet mortar surface. Once they are all laid carefully, we then finish off with a further wet cement mix placed into the joints of your paving. When this all sets, it provides a very strong finished product that will prevent weeds from growing, but also ensure that there are no issues with water pooling, cracking, or sinking.

This makes all types of natural stone very low-maintenance and thus excellent for patios and driveways alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are natural stone driveways worth it?

Absolutely! Natural stone driveway paving is the preferred choice of Dublin residents who want to invest in durable solutions that will add beauty to their yards and increase the market value of their homes.

Nothing really compares to the look of natural stone since it tends to really stand out and provide a unique appearance to your driveway or patio. Even though it is priced higher, the extra costs upfront are well worth it in the long term because this material is resilient and very low-maintenance. Based on your budget and preferences, we will help you select the natural stone option that will work best for you.

Should I use natural stone paving for my patio?

Natural stone patio slabs may be more high end than concrete paving slabs, but they are definitely worth the investment. Here at Master Driveway Paving Dublin in Dublin, we offer natural stone paving services at affordable costs and are always ready to accept a new project regardless of its size and scope. Here is what natural stone patios bring to the table:

  • Increased aesthetic appeal;
  • Simple installation process;
  • Long lifespan;
  • Improved sustainability of your property, and much more.

Which paving slabs are the best?

Having a lot of experience in working with different kinds of natural stone paving slabs, we concluded that each of them has its own advantages. Therefore, when deciding whether to go with elegant granite paving slabs, stick to delightful sandstone pavers, or explore any other options we offer, you should keep YOUR needs and expectations in mind. 

We completely understand if all of this is a bit overwhelming. There are many choices available, not only of stones but also their colour, size and texture! That is why we offer a 100% free, no-obligation consultation service. 

We will come out to your home and answer all of your questions. We even have a big folder showing every different material and all the styles and designs imaginable. We have been doing this for years and it always helps our customers get a handle on exactly what they are looking for. We promise to help you get the perfect driveway or patio all within your budget.

Where can I find the best natural stone paving slabs near me?

Right here at Master Driveway Paving Dublin. We render a wide selection of driveway and patio paving services across the Dublin area, and beyond. Whether you live in Ballymun, in the vicinity of Tymon Park, or any other neighbourhood, we’ve got you covered! Reach out to us to discuss your options and schedule a free consultation today!