Get Your Cobblestone Driveway in Dublin

Where tradition meets sleek modernity: cobblestone driveway

Aside from being a low-maintenance and very hard-wearing choice of material, cobblestone provides the much sought-after classic look that never goes out of style. Cobblestone is available in a large number of designs to suit all styles, from traditional to contemporary. If you opt for cobblestone pavers for your driveway, you are opting for a lasting solution that will look neat and attractive without requiring much maintenance work and upkeep.

We can design and install your cobblestone driveway in Dublin

Designing and installing cobblestone paving requires specialist knowledge and work, and not every paving company will be equipped to install this type of patio or driveway. But here at Master Driveway Paving Dublin, we have a team that is both highly qualified and fully equipped to install cobblestone driveways, patio or garden paving to a high level of quality. The end-result will be fully customized to your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cobblestone made of?

Cobblestone is a completely natural material used in building which consists of diversely shaped and diversely colored cobble-sized stones. This makes cobblestone a simple way to add subtle charm and unusual details to your outdoor area. It was originally used for the pavement of streets, roads and buildings, but its application has since been extended to driveway, patio and garden paving.

How big is a cobblestone?

Cobblestones vary in size. Roughly put, they range between as 64 to 256 millimeters each. On average, a single cobblestone is larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder.

How do you lay a cobblestone driveway?

Cobblestones can be used as pavers or for edging, as attractive-looking borders for your driveway, walkway or patio.

If you opt for cobblestone pavers, there are two methods to lay the stones:

  • setting the stones in sand or similar material,
  • bounding them together with mortar.

In either case, the cobblestones should be placed on top of the layer of sand or mortar by hand, one by one, with the flatter side facing up. Preferably, the stones should be distributed so as to leave minimum space between them, without touching each other.

Can you lay cobblestone over concrete?

Concrete is definitely a versatile and durable solution for the driveway, patio or garden. Although it appears more costly than some other alternatives for the outdoor area, it is a cost-effective pavement solution.

But classic concrete is not overly innovative in terms of design and aesthetic, which is why homeowners often opt to make their concrete design more elaborate by adding:

  • texture,
  • a pop of color or even multiple colors,
  • decorative flourishes.

One simple and effective way to give a refreshing makeover to your concrete driveway is to combine it with cobblestone. We can add a cobblestone overlay over your existing or new concrete driveway.

Where in Dublin do I get cobblestone pavers?

If you are looking for a reliable and responsible team of paving contractors who are professionals at what they do and who offer dependable results, look no further than Master Driveway Paving Dublin. We cater to all your paving needs, across the city of Dublin, including Dublin Bay and the surrounding areas. Are you looking for a contractor to install your tar and chip driveway, a driveway combining paving slabs and cobblestone, or an all-natural stone paving for the driveway in your Dublin home? We do it all and deliver results that any homeowner would be proud to see in their home. Call now and let us know how we can make your paving ideas come true and help make your outdoor area more beautiful and more functional at the same time!