Versatile Sandstone Paving Slabs in Dublin

Enjoy the benefits of sandstone driveway paving

Sandstone comes in many different colours giving you plenty of design choices. This type of paving can provide your driveway or patio with a very natural and earthy look. Each stone has its own slight variation in colour creating a really nice combination when used over a large area. Due to a great number of colour variants, it offers more flexibility in the design than any other of the natural stones.

What’s more, its strength and durability are the two main reasons why sandstone paving slabs are commonly used for patios and driveways in Dublin and across the region. Sandstone driveways are also very resistant to extreme weather conditions which makes them perfect for harsh climates with long winter months.

Be aware of the potential disadvantages

Although sandstone costs less than granite to supply and install, it does have some drawbacks. It will need to be sealed due to its porous nature, otherwise, it can be prone to moss growth and will need to be power washed. It will also need to be resealed every few years, depending on how much traffic it receives.

Create a natural look with sandstone patio slabs in Dublin

If you’ve decided to revamp your patio with new mint sandstone paving, contact Master Driveway Paving Dublin today! Our sandstone patio slabs are made with precision and come in various styles and textures allowing you to express your creativity and pick the option that caters to your taste. What’s more, our paving professionals will be happy to give you expert advice and go above and beyond to turn your patio design vision into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a pressure washer on sandstone?

Keeping your sandstone garden, patio, or driveway paving clean year-round may be challenging. However, if you find the right cleaning technique, you’ll have nothing to worry about. For example, a pressure washer is an amazing tool for cleaning sandstone paving slabs. It is particularly useful if you need to clean a larger area at once. Depending on the softness of your sandstone, you may need to adjust the pressure a bit.

In case you need advice on how to clean your sandstone pavers, don’t hesitate to dial our number. Master Driveway Paving Dublin is always available to answer your questions and help you resolve any concerns you may have.

How long will sandstone last?

Unlike many man-made patio and driveway paving alternatives, sandstone is significantly more long-lasting and durable. However, to ensure that your sandstone driveway pavers will last for decades, you need to keep them properly maintained. These are some of the factors that can affect the lifespan of your sandstone patio and driveway:

  • The weather conditions they are exposed to;
  • The amount of usage they get;
  • The quality of installation;
  • The quality of maintenance, and similar.

Here at Master Driveway Paving Dublin, we always strive to complete every project up to code, regardless of its size and scope. Our staff will do everything in its power to finish the job in the agreed timeframe and at the agreed price.

Who are trusted sandstone driveway contractors in Dublin & beyond?

Master Driveway Paving Dublin is your dependable partner in paving patios and driveways across Dublin and the area. We specialize in a variety of paving tasks and can handle anything from the placement of sandstone patio slabs to garden and driveway paving. Whether you’re located in Drumcondra, in the proximity of the National Botanic Gardens, or any other part of the city, you can still count on our top-rated services.

There’s more! You can browse through our website and explore a range of other materials we have on offer. Here, you may read more about the amazing benefits of durable granite paving slabs or get yourself acquainted with our delightful natural stone driveway paving projects in the area. We will assist you in selecting the option that will match your style preferences, budget, and home design. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation today!